Axis Residences is the essential urban and contemporary setting to relax and revitalize the senses. Relish in the impeccable layout and design. Heighten your quality of living in a home that is truly special for family and friends.

A selection of elegant and stylish bathroom fittings, wares and furnishing to cater to a luxurious, modern lifestyle

Axis Floor Plan

Type A (1BR)

Type A (1Bedroom)

Type A1 (1BR)

Type A1 (1Bedroom)

Type A2 (1BR)

Type A2 (1Bedroom)

Type B (2BR)

Type B (2Bedroom)

Type C (3BR)

Type C (3Bedroom)

Type A-PES (1BR)

Type A-PES (1BR)

Type B-PES (2BR)

Type B-PES (2BR)

Type C-PH-L

Type C-PH-L (4BR)

Type C-PH-U

Type C-PH-U (4BR)

Type C-PH-R

Type C-PH-R (4BR)