AP Plaza

AP Plaza a is a newly refurbished community mall, located at Monivong Boulevard (Street 93) which is the central boulevard and thoroughfare of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Nestled in the heart of the city and Central Business District of Cambodia. AP Plaza is in close proximity to business and commercial center such as Vattanac Capital, Canadia Tower, Exchange Square, Phnom Penh City Centre (PPCC), The Nagaworld 1&2, Koh Pich Business District, prime commercial and residential area e.g. BKK 1.

It’s the initials of the 2 companies who came together to make it happen.

AP stands for A (Axis Residences) x P (Parkway)

Given the centric location, spaces will be suitable for cafe offices, restaurant and spas or service trade.

VVIP Preview on 11 January, 2023

We strived to be the community mall providing lifestyle services to the residents in the neighbourhood, always in the lookout for best fit tenants in our building:  Restaurants, Cafes, Showroom, Studios, Beauty Industries, Medical Clinics, Offices, Tuition Centre, and Family KTV.

The building offers customizable space and leasing area – to the needs and vision of prospective tenants. Besides having the flexibility of selecting sub-divided space of the various floors, tenants can also benefit from bigger leasable area i.e. entire floor or customizable space – that is unique and beneficial in achieving the business vision of the prospective business owners.

AP Plaza’s excellent location and modern design will be an asset to the branding and business needs of enterprises.

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For leasing & enquiries, please call:
📲069 377 248 | 📲070 788 122

AP Plaza - A Place to See and Be Seen