About Spring CJW

SPRING CJW DEVELOPMENT PTE LTD is a young and dynamic developer engaged in the development of residential property at competitive prices.

Spring CJW development aims to cater to the growing needs of both the young and trendy homebuyers and entrepreneurs who value quality living and a finer lifestyle. Spring CJW’s property development projects are typically located in choice areas, aiming to achieve easy accessibility as well as featuring prominent lifestyle elements.

Being a young and dynamic company, Spring CJW has made its mark as a developer with a strong value proposition. The Group’s business model is positioned on:

  • Creating quality lifestyle-focused residential developments
  • Developing freehold properties that are easily accessible via public transport and surrounded by amenities

To achieve superior standard for our project, AXIS, Spring CJW Development engages SANWAH PROJECT MANAGEMENT PTE LTD, which provides a range of expertise include:


Spring CJW Development prides itself in providing a complete solution, being involved in projects from the initial design stage through to the production of working drawings, construction, site management and delivery. Besides, Spring CJW strives to offer the finest quality design to the growing needs of both local homebuyers and expatriates who value quality living and finer lifestyle at competitive pricing. Additionally, Spring CJW’s property development project, AXIS, is located in choice areas, aiming to achieve easy accessibility.


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